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Yusrub Renamed As Madina

Six days journey brought Prophet Mohammed(SAWS) & Hazrat Abu Bakr(R.A) from Mecca to Quba, a village 3 miles from Yusrub.Here the Messenger of Allah stayed for two weeks. "Hazrat Ali (R.A) joined him in meantime.At Quba was built the first masjid of Islam , The holy prophet & the companions working as ordinary labourers. All these days the people of Yusrub had been all eyes for the master.Each morning they came out of city & watched the road from Quba. At last the happy day arrived,on friday morning, the holy prophet left Quba. A rousing reception awaiting him at Yusrub .Men & children lined both sides of the street. The master entered the city,riding his camel.Everybody wanted him to be his guest. But he let his camel wander on,adding, "I will be the guest of the man before whose house the camel stops".The camel came to a halt before Abu Ayyub Ansari's house.This man got the honour of being the host of the Messenger of Allah.The prophet put up in a portion of his house. He stayed for about seven months.In the mean time his own house was built.
From the day the holy Prophet came to yusrub,the city got the name of Madina-Tun-Nabi or The city of Prophet. In course of time, it came to be known simply as MADINA.

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