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Lailatul Qadr - The Night Of Power (By Imam Ali Siddiqui )

We have indeed revealed This (Quran) In the Night of Power (Lai-la-til'-Qad'r') And what will explain to you What the Night of Power (Lai-la-til'-Qad'r') is ?
The Night of Power (Lai-la-til'-Qad'r') Is better than a thousand months
Therein come down the angels and the Spirit (Jibril) By Al'lah's permission On every nook and corner Peace (on earth) Until the break of Dawn.

QURAN Surah 97 SIGNIFICANCE OF REVEALATION This Surah was probably revealed in Makkah as one of the early Surahs. Some scholars also hold the opinion that it may have been revealed in Madinah. It reinforces Iman and develops the spiritual side of human personality.

THE MEANING : Qad'r' has several meanings including Power, Honor, Glory, and Magnanimity. Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' is therefor the Night of Power, the Night of Honor or the Night of Glory.

SIGNIFICANCE : There is a special night called Lai-la-til'-Qad'r', the Night of Power, which is mentioned in the Quran, as a night of Mercy and light and worshiping during this night is better than 1,000 months. This is the night, Quran was sent down from 7th level to the 1st level of heaven from where it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw) on piece meal basis. This is the night Muhammad (saw) was chosen as the Messenger of Allah and received the first Wahee. Al'lah (the God Almighty) send down Jibril (as) along with an army of special angels during this night to pray for the Mercy of Al'lah (the God Almighty) and salvation for the believers. It is the night of great importance and Muslims are encouraged to stay up during the night and indulge in Ibada. Promise of forgiveness is given. The Prophet (saw) used to exert himself greatly during Lai-la-til'-Qad'r'. He would spend the nights in worship, and ordering his family with this. So every Muslim should be eager to stand in prayer during Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' out of Iman and hoping for the great reward.

Salman al-Farsi (ra) reported that Prophet Muhammad (saw) said "Ramadan is a great month, a blessed month, containing a night which is better than a thousand month has approached you people…"

FORGIVNESS PROMISED : In another Hadith reported by Abu Huraira (ra) that Prophet Muhammad (saw) said "…. one who passes Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' in Salat and Du'a with sincerity and seeking reward from Allah will have past sins forgiven." The Prophet (saw) said: "Whoever stands (in prayer) in Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' out of Iman and seeking reward then his previous sins are forgiven." (Bukhari & Muslim)

Narrated Abu Huraira (Radhiallaho anho): The Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) said, "Whoever established prayers on the night of Qadr out of sincere faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven; and whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven." (Bukhari)

DECISION MADE DURING THIS NIGHT : HAA, MEEM. By the Book, that makes things clear. We have sent it down on a night, which is blessed. For it has been Our desire to give warning. A blessed night! in which decisions are made in all affairs with wisdom by Our Command. Q 44:1-4

REVELATION OF QURAN : Ibn Ishaq, the biographer of Prophet Muhammad (saw), in Seerah Ibn Hisham reported that prophet related that first revelation, first verses of Surah al-Alaq, was revealed during Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' while Prophet Muhammad (saw) was at his devotion in the cave of Hira. Angel Jibril (as) came and said to Prophet Muhammad (saw), "Read!". He said, "I can't read." Angel Jibril (as) then embraced the Holy Prophet (saw) and repeated, "Read, in the name of Your Lord, who created human being..." Q96:1-2

RESPONSIBILITY OF QURAN : Allah said in the Holy Quran, in Surah al-Hasher, Had We revealed it (Quran) on the mountain, you would seen it crumbled under (this responsibility) in humility. (Q 59:21)
During this night, we should ponder on this great responsibility put on the shoulders of the believers. We do not realize the significance and urgency. This responsibility would have crumbled mighty mountains, however, we are not even moved. During Lai-la-til'-Qad'r'.

WHEN IS LAI-LA-TIL'-QAD'R' : The Night of Qadr is one of the odd nights during the last ten days of Ramadan. Several Hadith tell us about the night. It could be any one of nights of 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th , or 29th . Allah, The Wise, has kept the knowledge of exact night hidden to allow us to strive harder in our Ibadah.
Ayesha (ra) reported that Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: " Seek Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' on an odd number night during the last 10 days."
Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet said, "Look for the Night of Qadr in the last ten nights of Ramadan ,' on the night when nine or seven or five nights remain out of the last ten nights of Ramadan (i.e. 21, 23, 25, 27, 29)."
Narrated 'Ubada bin As-Samit: The Prophet came out to inform us about the Night of Qadr but two Muslims were arguing with each other. So, the Prophet said, "I came out to inform you about the Night of Qadr but such-and-such persons were arguing, so the news about it had been taken away; yet that might be for your own good, so search for it on the 29th, 27th and 25th (of Ramadan).
Narrated Ibn 'Umar: Some people amongst the companions of the Prophet were shown in their dreams that the night of Qadr was in the last seven nights of Ramadan. Allah's Apostle said, "It seems that all your dreams agree that. (the Night of Qadr) is in the last seven nights, and whoever wants to search for it (i.e. the Night of Qadr) should search in the last seven (nights of Ramadan)."

HOW TO RECOGNIZE LAI-LA-TIL'-QAD'R' : Reported Ibn 'Abbaas (ra), Allah's Messenger (saw) said: "Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' is calm and pleasant, neither hot nor cold, the sun arises on its morning being feeble and red." (at-Tayaalisee, Ibn Khuzaimah and al-Bazzaar with a Hasan Isnad). WHAT SHOULD WE DO DURING THIS NIGHT ?
The Prophet (saw) said: "Whoever stands (in prayer) in Lai-la-til'-Qad'r' out of Iman and seeking reward then his previous sins are forgiven." Ayesha (ra) reported that the Messenger of Allah used to strive hard in the last 10 nights (of Ramadan) like he (saw) was not accustomed to strive so hard. In the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (saw), we should strive in the same manner. We can do many things during this night individually and in congregation: Ayesha (ra) reported: "I asked: O Messenger of Allah! Inform me that if I can recognize any night as Lai-la-til'-Qad'r', what should I say? He (saw) said : 'Say: O Allah! You are Forgiving, love forgiveness, so forgive me'."
Ahmed, Ibn Majah, Tirmidzi Say this Du'a during the night: Alla'hum'ma innaka A'foo'wan, Tuhib'bul a'foo'wa, Faa'foo 'an'nee, reading of Quran and understanding it through Tafsir or lecture.

Making Salat-ul-Tasbih. :
Asking Allah for forgiveness through many Du'a in Quran and Hadith or plainly asking Allah "O! Allah, my Lord, forgive me, have mercy upon me, give me the best of this world and Hereafter, and give me good health."

Making up past missed Salat : Start with Fajr to Isha and start the cycle again. One will have made missed prayers and get additional reward for doing it in Lai-la-til'-Qad'r'. Doing Dzikr with any of the 99 names of Allah individually or in congregation Reciting Darud/salaam.


Taken from Imam Ali Siddiqui

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